Pool training

Our pool training is split into three separate focus areas:


Our stamina sessions are designed to increase the overall strength and ability of our athletes. Our combo routines are over 3 minutes in length and the presentation and difficulty must be the same at the end of the swim as at the beginning.

Figure skills

To be able to swim a good routine the athletes must be able to complete the individual figures accurately and make it appear effortless. Figures form a separate part of many competitions where the athletes are judged on their individual capability to execute a set of figures.

Routine work

Team work is essential to ensure a good routine swim. Each member of the team must understand their own role within it. Communication skills, co-ordination, spacial awareness and trust are essential to enable the team to succeed.


Nose Clip

an essential for any artistic swimmer

Empty 5l water bottles

two bottles are used for flotation aids. Ensure that the lids are stuck down securely and that any rough edges around the handles are filed down

Kick board

Used for stamina training and occasionally in figure training too

Pull bouy

Used for both stamina and figure training