Land training

Our land training sessions are currently being held via Zoom.

Land training consists of flexibility work and team walk through.

The aim of the flexibility training is to achieve flat splits on both right and left leg and also in box splits. An arch in the back is used frequently in figures and so back flexibility is also incorporated into land sessions. Attending regular flexibility training sessions also helps athletes to avoid injury through specific training exercises for shoulders, hips and knees.

Walk through of the team choreography is an important part of training. Routines are learnt on land before putting them into the water. This way each team member learns the movement, the counts and the patterns of the choreography. Routines are always a work in progress and are never totally finished.


Junior swimmers will need the following for poolside flexibility sessions:

  • a t-shirt / hoody

  • shorts / leggings

  • bands / blocks (optional)


Resistance bands

Resistance bands are useful to help increase the flexibility in the legs and build strength in the arms. There are many different types of resistance bands available. Please ask if you are unsure which type to purchase.

Exercise mat

To add comfort on a hard surface to to provide a non-slip surface.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks come in two sizes and we recommend that you purchase the deeper blocks first. Two blocks are necessary to provide support during splits training initially and athletes can progress to using them to train for the over-split position.