Club Kit

Our club kit is optional. The kit list consists of the following branded items:

  • polo shirt

  • leggings / shorts

  • hoody

  • hat

  • swimbag

Initials can be added to polo shirts and hoodies but must be requested at time of purchase. All items of clothing must be named; as you can appreciate it is hard to return lost items which are all identical if they are not named. Items can be purchased via the club page on the SwimPath website. Club members will receive a 10% discount on purchases made from the site which are not part of club kit.

For competition or grading day athletes will need:

  • White Hat

  • Plain black competition swimsuit

  • Two nose clips

Club hats and nose clips are available to purchase through the club. Hats cost £4.50 and nose clips are £3. These can be ordered by email via and paid for via an online transfer.

Yoga blocks and resistance bands are useful additions to the kit bag along with a tennis ball and foam roller. See the land training section for more information.