Competitions and Grades


The club regularly compete at both county, regional and national level.

Parents and carers are asked to support the coaching staff by volunteering at competitions as scorers, callers, clerks or team managers. Full training for all roles is provided and mock competitions are held at club training for all new volunteers.


Our junior club members work towards figure, routine and land grades during their time with the club. More details and the descriptions for each grade can be found via the Swim England website.

Athletes will be invited to attend grading days for figure and routine grades dependent upon the number of judges and team managers available to accompany them. We actively encourage parents and carers to qualify as judges and team managers to ensure that as many athletes as possible are given the opportunity to attend grade days.

Land grades are judged within the club. These are supported by the online flexibility sessions and grade specific sessions.

The current competition figures were agreed by the FINA congress for the 2017 - 2021 cycle and the grades are set to reflect the skills needed for the figures in competition and routines.